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  • eGO Move, Moving People
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  • An electrical vehicle to quickly get from A to B" >eGO Move, moving people
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  • eGO Move, moving people

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The eGO Move, one of the smartest electrical unicycles on the current market, combines recreation, a conscious lifestyle and efficiency into its single wheel. With a speed of 18 km/h you can go to work, university or the city while looking stylish. Thanks to its light weight, superior mobility, endurance and hands-free driving, the eGO Move will transform your travel experience.

eGo Move €540,- hovert

eGo Move white

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eGo Move €540,- >hovert

eGo Move black

Free shipping, accessories included

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Compact and ideal for public transport

Safe eGO, fun move!

Certified for Europe

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A safe and fast way of travelling


The eGO Move is one of the lightest, most environmental friendly and most compact personal electrical vehicles. The electrical motor in the eGO Move means that it emits no harmful emissions and poses no health risks for either the user, its surroundings or the environment. On a full charge you can ride up to 20 kilometres. Steering is done by shifting your bodyweight left and right. You don’t have to be mean, just lean!

Safety speed control: Safely ride your eGO with the safety control on; which will maximize the speed to 6 km/h. Without speed control the maximum speed is up to 18km/h

Dimensions: 450 x 395 x 160 mm

Weight: 9.7 kg

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2 years warranty on the battery and frame

1 year warranty

On the Move!

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